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Custom Manufactured Reagents for Chikungunya-Dengue Multiplex RT-PCR
  • DESCRIPTION: One step single tube multiplexed assay for the detection of Chikungunya-Dengue viruses
  • SAMPLE TYPE: EDTA peripheral blood or plasma
  • LIMIT OF DETECTION: Chikungunya – 0.5 copies/μL, Dengue – 3 copies/μL; can detect all four Dengue serotypes (Dengue 1-4).
  • WORKFLOW: Uses the ‘UNG/dUTP’ system to minimize the risk of PCR carry-over contamination and includes the human RNAse P gene as an endogenous process control.
  • INSTRUMENT COMPATIBILITY: Qiagen Rotor-Gene Q, Bio-Rad CFX96, Bio-Rad Opus, Roche LightCycler II 480 and Thermo/ABI QuantStudio5 and 7500 FAST
  • RUN TIME: ~ 80 mins
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