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Our team at GenePath is a mix of scientists and clinicians who are highly experienced in molecular diagnostics. We are always looking for individuals who are self-driven, willing to take on new challenges and have a thirst for learning.

If you are interested in a career at GenePath, you will find our open positions listed on LinkedIn.

Typical profiles at GenePath Diagnostics:

Research Scientists – Preferably with a Masters or PhD in Molecular Biology or related fields, you would get the opportunity to work with an internationally trained interdisciplinary team on clinical diagnostics and research and development. Responsibilities would include planning and execution of lab experiments, optimization, data interpretation and leading troubleshooting steps. You would also be expected to assist in manuscripts and patents writing, establishing novel laboratory protocols and various training programs. You would get a chance to work with the best in cutting edge technologies in molecular diagnostics like next generation sequencing and microarray.

Lab Operations Assistants and Managers – Preferably with a Masters in Genetics, Biotechnology, Life Sciences or related fields, you would be expected to monitor and enhance laboratory procedures, pipelines and systems to meet our TATs and assure the highest quality standards. You would be responsible for day to day wet lab operations, scheduling experiments, customer communications, procurement of reagents, inventory management and overall sample flow while maintaining TATs and QA/QC compliance. You would also be expected to contribute towards optimizing existing lab assays and new assay development and validation in conjunction with the R&D team.

Employee Speak

GenePath is a fun place to work as there is no hierarchy and everyone is treated equally. Everyone’s opinion is valued and respected. I have learnt analytical and creative thinking after working here. We follow a philosophy of failing fast, and learning from it. We are encouraged to take on new challenges and be active in problem solving. Everyone in the lab shows complete ownership, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get things done.”


“I look forward to going to work every morning. The transparency and open environment encourage everyone to constantly grow in skill and expertise while the commitment to excellence pushes one to treat each patient sample with care and consideration, keeping the patients as the number one priority.”


GenePath is the place for people who are passionate about the work they do. I love being here – the energy that each team member brings, charges one to drive towards excellence. Our culture spells respect, transparency and resilience. We are super-fast at adapting to changes and advancements, with continuous learning, and focused leadership. At the soul of all that happens here, is the strong spirit of ‘Goodness and Genuineness'”


674 S. Wagner Road,
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Tel: +1-734-365-7722
India Office
Manikchand Galleria, 7th Floor, Swastik Society Model Colony, Pune, 411016, Maharashtra, India
Phone: +91 20 7153 1631
Mobile: +91 96073 00010

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