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The GenePath Story

GenePath Diagnostics is a next-generation diagnostics company that provides state-of-the-art in vitro diagnostic techniques such as molecular diagnostics to the medical, healthcare and allied communities. It was established by Dr. Nikhil Phadke in 2008.

Nikhil comes from a family of doctors. All four of his grandparents, as well as his father, were doctors who trained abroad, came back to India and continued to work with the best. Nikhil’s own interests included medicine, pure sciences, engineering, and computer science. Molecular diagnostics was a true confluence of all these interests, leading to him completing a Ph.D. in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

After graduate school, Nikhil got together with some of his colleagues who founded HandyLab. They built a revolutionary product; a low cost, point of care molecular diagnostics platform, which would take the test to the doctor’s office or to the patient rather than having the patient or the sample come to the lab. HandyLab had a very successful exit.

Nikhil came back to India and wanted to understand what the market here really needed. After talking to a lot of doctors and alliance partners who understood the capabilities of molecular diagnostics and had the need for it, GenePath Diagnostics was established as a service lab offering a huge portfolio of tests. GenePath’s molecular tests are more rapid compared to conventional microbiology and more sensitive than immunology based tests. For an increasing number of conditions, they are the only way to carry out a diagnosis. The company started with services for pediatric endocrinology, nephrology, hematology, hemato-oncology and later expanded to other areas as well.

In addition, Nikhil has put together a team of brilliant scientists and doctors who work in collaboration to give patients and referring doctors novel or custom solutions to diagnostic problems. The team members specialize in different areas of expertise, providing the depth and breadth of knowledge needed. GenePath’s reputation is based on making a difference by providing a unique perspective that is not otherwise accessible to the medical community. By 2018, GenePath had helped diagnose over 10,000 patients!

GenePath continues to evolve in pace with global developments in the field and has the ability to develop new tests where there is a need for scale at low price points. While GenePath’s goal is to build on its IP and continue to provide accessible and affordable high quality diagnostic services, GenePath would also like to be able to share its data with the scientific and medical community.

To take GenePath to the next level, it has brought on board Dr. Nickhil Jakatdar as CEO. Nickhil, a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, was instrumental in the founding, financing and leadership of 4 start-ups, leading them to successful acquisitions and creating more than $1.2B in value for his stakeholders across these companies.

Nikhil and Nickhil’s vision for GenePath Diagnostics is to continue building and deploying affordable and innovative diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases, cancers and genetic disorders, so as to provide the best possible outcome as well as experience for millions of citizens globally.